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That Friday feeling

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You don't need to be a whizzbang marketing guru to know that Friday is everyone's favourite day (apart from if you're a fish possibly).
Like everyone else I like to prepare for the weekend, check out the UK's birding arrivals and departures and if necessary dig out my road atlas for twicthcing duties.

RSPB staff and volunteers will be on hand at the end of Southport Pier to show visitors the spectacular birdlife of the Ribble Estuary. Thousands of dunlins, oystercathers, redshanks and curlews are beginning to arrive back from their Arctic breeding grounds and use the sandbanks out from Southport Beach as feeding and roosting areas.

With night creeping into day again, for those of us up and out with the lark (or I would be if you could hear any above the noise of the modern world), the twilight driving conditions means I'm back in roadkill territory again.
The dual carriageway at 5.30am is littered with rabbits and hedgehogs, some alive, some deader than Elvis, and this attracts magpies (between 27 and 30 yesterday), and insomniac jackdaws.

All quiet after the buzz of the sooty tern, which continued to disport itself shamelessly at Cemlyn over the weekend - what a bird, but does it have to make itself so easy?
Staring up at the evening sky on Saturday during the usual summer barbecue O.D. I watched a flock of about 300 gulls, black headed mainly, hawking for the flying ants that had emerged from under the nation's patios in the warm weather - nothing unusual about that, but it was nice to see a flock of about 100 swifts doing the same.

From the blue lagoon....

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Mine host John Dempsey

Welcome to my new blog, based loosely on birding around Merseyside, and loads of other stuff besides ...
Thought it'd be nice to start off with a bang, and what better way than a scoot down the A55 to gawp in awe at the sooty tern doing the business at Cemlyn Lagoons on Anglesey.
Taking care to avoid Mr Brunstrom's finest (I stayed within the speed limit all the way, officer), I was able to leave work after an early shift, taz down the North Wales coast and be skidding onto the pebbled car park at Cemlyn in gorgeous summer sunshine by 4.30pm yesterday.

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