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Waterproof barn owl

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The barn owl was hunting around the edge of Thornton as I came into the city again this morning (5.30am) in heavy drizzle.

Set your watches for 9.45am

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This is more like it...force 6-7 north westerly blasting hell out of the windsock at RAF Woodvale as I tazzed into work this a.m.

Hobby over Dempsey Towers!


Pausing to stare out at the sky...hey, we all do it...I was blown away to see a hobby come tear *rsing low and west over the garden at Dempsey Towers yesterday evening.

Things are moving at Marshside


Sunny periods and a strengthening south westerly were good enough for a poke around Marshside in the early morning yesterday.

Friday morning rain front

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With a north westerly picking up speed and bringing rain into Liverpool Bay today, but no decent tides, it's hard to plan ahead for the weekend.

Windbag on windscapes

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I've never been very good at joining things _ RSPB, Wildfowl Trust, BTO etc etc _ all hugely valuable organisations, but I get uncomfortable in a big crowd.

We thought we'd arrived in the Village of the Damned as Jellyhead's car nosed into the Dog and Duck Square in the middle of Flamborough as mist swirled around the low terraced cottages and a bell tolled in the dark night from an invisible church tower.

Autumn is here

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If I was a betting man (and I haven't done that since I put my shirt on Liverpool to beat Wimbledon at Wembley all those years ago _ ouch!), I'd say the Great Orme would be worth a look this weekend.

Last sailing for the SS Puffin...

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Tickets please! Tomorrow's your last chance to set sail into Liverpool Bay on the RSPB/Mersey Ferries birding "cruise" this year.

Look at the wing pattern on that!

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Bright as a button, the juv white winged black tern drew a steady crowd of admirers to Crosby Marina over the weekend.
Most mere mortals had great views of it as it flew up and down the water's edge, or craned through the fencing to watch it feeding over "the other place" now out of bounds to most of us.
I wonder what would happen if someone got their head stuck in the fence????

geese back

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There goes the neighbourhood...the first pink feet flew back into Marshside on Thursday and Friday last week for the winter.

White winged black tern

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John Bannon just called me with news of a juvenile white winged black tern at Crosby marina....

Kites, goshawks and squirrel refuges


Photographer Ken Lewis called me yesterday after seeing two red kites on the Upper Dee while on a fishing expedition on Sunday.
Ken, from Wirral, had the kites circling by Llandderfel Byrgoed in north Wales, and kindly sent this super-duper red kite shot (taken in the more traditional kite haunt of mid-Wales) to celebrate his reds.
Red Kite - photo by Ken Lewis

Raptors put on an autumn show

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With a warm south easterly at my back, Marshside came up trumps on Sunday, with my first osprey at the reserve (Marshside ticks are best!!), adult female marsh harrier, little egret and arctic skua.

RSPB birdwatching cruise

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Richard Smith, of fame (great site) e-mailed after a day on the briny on the Mersey Ferry birding cruise yesterday.

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