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Frozen coast...

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Off for a few days, I walked the coast from Ainsdale to Birkdale on a frosty morning this week.

Thanks, Jan ...

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Jan Funcks of Liverpool 8 sent me these pics of a female sparrowhawk having lunch in her back garden recently.
A familiar sight for many people, who despite this frequently need counselling in the aftermath of a "sprawk snack attack", these great little accipiters are built for our garden landscape.
Jan's bird has so far grabbed house sparrow and starling _ the latter taking the hawk an hour and 30 minutes to strip and eat.
Nature red in tooth and claw...
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies.

sparrowhawk1.jpg sparrowhawk2.jpg

Cold north wind

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It is an undisputed fact that the coldest place on the planet is the main hide at Seaforth Nature Reserve.

Dick Pipit and Jack Snipe

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Two Richard's Pipits and a Jack Snipe reported from Wirral yesterday (Nov 22), means there's really only one place to be today.....

Back and birdin'....


Still not managed to get down to Anglesey for the Green Heron, but at least I'm back in the field in the north west.

Winter sunshine on the Marsh ....

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Glorious day at Marshside on Sunday. Bright blue skies, crisp and cold ...
The recent rains have flooded the reserve again nicely, and as a result the numbers of wildfowl are increasing.

I've always toyed with the idea of charging folk cold hard cash to show them Jack Snipes, but I guess I lack the mercenary instinct when it comes to birding...
So here's how to find a Jack Snipe, and discover if your reactions are as fast as you like to think they are...

Green with envy


It's still there, and I'm still here!
The first winter Green Heron is still at Red Wharf Bay on Anglesey....and I'm still on an albeit faaaaascinating course in Yorkshire (and I will be for the next two weeks!)

Green Heron

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Anyone seen the Green Heron on Anglesey? I am stuck on the east coast at the moment ...

Here's the latest Benny Fredriksson special from Sweden to cheer up those hoping something good is going to visit their bird feeders this month.... Grey Headed Woodpeckers returned to Benny's garden a week or two ago....right, so that's Black Woodpecker, Nutcracker and Lynx he's had....but Benny surely our Dunnocks and Hedgehogs beat that????? (Okay, maybe not). This picture shows a young bird, one of two that have visited Benny's feeding station. Ha Det Benny...


A mega-jam and a half....

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Driving rain _ the like of which I haven't seen since the last monsoons old boy _ and traffic backed up to Balamory made the walking speed car journey into the city EXTRA pleasant today.

Magnificent garden grip back

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Okay, so scanning the skies forlornly when I got back home from work yesterday afternoon didn't get me a passing Chimney Swift _ but it wasn't a total washout.


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Time was, you'd have to check every late swift in case it turned out to be a pallid, but the Yankees have really upped the stakes this time...

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