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In between time

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It's that weird time between Christmas and New Year, when you should be tallying up records for the year etc.

Now this is just getting silly....

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Got the following message from Richard Smith of yesterday...who says it's going to be a cold winter?

December 20

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Training over and back in all I've gotta get through is Christmas before I can get some proper birding done.

Waxwings - it must be winter


With waxwings near the Rocket pub at the end of the M62 in Liverpool last Friday, and 4 in Llandudno over the weekend, will we have another invasion?
The big numbers came in December last year, so keep your fingers crossed.

Morning at the mere....

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Initially it seemed pretty quiet at Martin Mere last week when I visited with Barry McCarthy.
Not many pinkies on the marsh, but easily over 1,000 Whooper Swans about, and from Miller's Bridge Hide there were five Bewick's Swans.

Pigeon on the menu

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A big peregrine, presumably a female, came batting north over the Pier Head just after first light yesterday.

Latest Chiffchaff News....

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Thanks to Paul "Tropical" (don't ask) Thomason for this on the wintering Chiffchaffs in Birkdale dunes, Tropical's local patch for many moons...

One Woodcock less...

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Looking forlorn and stiffening with rigor mortis, the Woodcock was a sad sight on the Old Hall Street pavement.

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