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My field sketch of White Backed Woodpecker in Livberze Forest in Latvia...such an enigmatic bird I was too busy gawping at it to take a pic!!!

Latvian pic gallery 1

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One of many White Tailed Eagles we saw while being shown around the country by the excellent Janis Kuze, a man who has a sixth sense for birding...great week thanks a lot Janis!!!

Back on the Marsh

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teal 1.jpg

mid 1.jpg

Waxwings on film

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Members of a flock of 15 waxwings that were hanging around in Nethy Bridge while Mrs D and I were up there last month. The lady whose garden they were in, fed them bits of fruit every day...not surprising they stayed for a month! Typically unpredictable, it took us three visits to connect with the birds...but they're always worth seeing. Sorry about tape quality - avoid watching full screen!
Click here for the video, in Windows Media format (WMV).

Snow Bunting parade

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A group of several of the many Snow Buntings that feed around the ski lift car park beneath Cairn Gorm in the Highlands.
Click here to watch the video, in Windows Media format (WMV).
Okay so the tape is iffy, but what great birds ... remember snow?

Badger video

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A sub adult badger, filmed in Rothiemurchus Forest, Highlands, when I was up there a month or so ago, eating peanuts in front of a swanky hide.
Click here to watch the video - it's in Windows Media format (WMV).
Filmed using a nightsight filter - don't blow up screen too much as the tape is a bit ragged now...sorry, shouldn't have dropped it in that snowdrift!

Now that's more like it....

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5 Whimbrel, 2 Garganey, Whitethroat and Sedgies along with Swallows, Willow Warblers etc this morning, despite the nippy westerly breeze......


Morning' all...

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Great morning for migration today...misty and an easterly, perfect.

Records from Formby...

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Gary McLardy wrote to me with gen from a walk around Greenloon's/Wicks Lake near St Luke's Church Road, Formby.

Who's laughing now...?

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gull 3.jpg

Seawatch and swift....

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Pine Marten video

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Click here to see a bit of Pine Marten footage I filmed up in Scotland earlier this year (in Windows Media format). More to come .... when I work out how to use this system!


What a downer....

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I can't think of anything worse than finding a white morph Gyr like the one reported in Bootle on the NW Birdline (09068 700 249) today, and then discovering is was an escape!!!!!

Events details hot from the paws of the RSPB at Marshside - don't see the "Mount Baker Challenge" in there anywhere.....

Ha ha ha...very funny!

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Sod's law - all quiet at Marshside and a full summer plumage Laughing Gull turns up at Marton Mere, Blackpool _ Jellyhead watching at 5.45pm....double d'oh!!!!!

West wind - no joy....

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After the first flush of migrants last week, it was back to normal today _ wrong winds, too cold etc, more like February than April as I checked the marsh with Bazzo and Jellyhead...


Just don't mention H5N1...

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The sky will NOT fall down with the late arrival of H5N1 to British shores, so there's still time to get out migrant hunting before the inevitable "killer chickens" and "turkey assassins" nonsense kicks in....

Muchas gracias amigos...


Thanks to everyone who has submitted stuff for my Daily Post column _ (every Saturday, plug, plug, plug) the latest overflow of records appears here...

April showers....

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Rain and cloud didn't stop me enjoying two cracking mornings at Marshside this weekend.


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