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The return of Mothboy....

Posted by on June 17, 2006 9:38 PM | 

After a great session in the pub last night, the logical thing to do when I wobbled home to Ainsdale seemed to be to crank up the moth trap and stay up all night.....

spec 1.jpg

It wasn't bad, with plenty of common species coming to the light almost as soon as it hummed into life at 12.45am.
Up to six Poplar Hawks and two Bufftips was pretty good.



Full list of moths trapped (plus 30 odd I didn't get round to sorting out - I crawled into a sleeping bag in the back garden at 4.50am) follows:

Clouded Border 5
Lesser Yellow Underwing 11
Poplar Hawkmoth 6+
Peppered Moth 1
Heart and Dart 25=
Knot Grass 6
Silver Y 2
Brimstone 4
Large Yellow Underwing 7
Flame Shoulder 2
Snout 2
Bufftip 2
Buff Ermine 1
Spectacle 1
Dark Arches 3
Common Wainscot 1
Clouded SIlver 7+
Brightline Browneye 1
Treble Lines 12
Marbled Beauty 1
Spruce Carpet 1
aggregate 1

Not bad, and plenty I haven't put a name to yet - more pix follow....




Only downside was that Mrs D woke me up at about 8.30am, with the trap still blazing away, and I was dragged to the supermarket for the weekly shop, somewhat confused by the world.
Luckily spending the night with the moths had given me special "mothboy" powers and I soon found myself being unaccountably drawn to the brightly lit chilled goods cabinets, fluttering my arms about and whizzing up and down the aisles - we didn't stay in the shop long....
Mothboy 1 Consumerism 0.
Right, off to bed now and up in the morning to look at things with feathers for a change.....
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies....


PS: No moths were harmed during the making of this blog entry, well, apart from the Large Yellow Underwing I stood on at 3.35am, but that's for my karma to deal with....


For comparison, by coincidence on the same night Lincolnshire Moth Boy had his trap in action and produced the following:

Privet Hawkmoth 4
Elephant Hawkmoth 12
Pine Hawkmoth 1
Buff Tip 2
Small Magpie
Angle shades
Burnished Brass
Heart + Dart - LOADS
Common Wainscot
Treble Bar
The Flame
Marbled Minor
Flame Shoulder
Large Yeloow Underwing
Treble Lines
Dark/Grey Dagger
Middle-barred Minor
White Ermine
Rustic Shoulder-knot
Green Silver Lines
Figure of Eighty
Setaceous Hebrew Character - plenty
Dot Moth
large Nutmeg
Tawny Marbled Minor
Pale Shouldered Brocade
Brown Rustic
Plain Golden Y
Suttle-shaped Dart
Dark Arches
Ingrailed Clay
Beautiful Hooktip
Bright-line Brown Eye
Small Elephant Hawkmoth 1
Common Swift
Triple-spotted Clay
Buff Ermine
Clouded Silver
Lesser Yellow Underwing

All recorded coming to the lamp in my garden - setting is a rural location in SW Lincs, surrounded by limestone grassland, arable and woodland. Lat 52o 45' compared to Ainsdale Lat 53o 36'.

Anyway...this is all Neill's fault for bringing his light over last summer. Now I've got my own and waste hours every weekend IDing the nights catch..great isn't it!!


Nice one Barrie - Yup there is something wonderful about lighting up the neighbourhood at the weekend - and finding moths snoozing all over the house for days after - carry on mothing (and you'll be pleased to know your brother is still busy illuminating the middle of Southport too!)

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