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Grey afternoon, gale deprivation

Posted by on November 25, 2006 4:22 PM | 


Where was my gale today? Feeling decidedly robbed by the weathermen and women of the forecast raging hooley I had to scrap plans for a wild and windy seawatch.
Instead I went for a walk north along the shore from Ainsdale to the Green beach as the tide edged in.



Two or three small wader roosts were nice to watch - the grey and white plumage of winter Knot, Barwits and Grey Plovers is always a joy, and they matched the grey November light perfectly.
One Knot was still in partial summer plumage (see below), about the only splash of colour on the beach today.


Watched the waders for an hour or so, as a flock of about 40 Linnets fed in the marsh behind me.



waders2511.jpg wadas22511.jpg

Skylarks, Reed bunting and Meadow Pipits on the Green Beach too, with Carrion Crow, Red Legged Partidge (two) and a passing Sprawk for company.
Indulged in the Hemmingway-esque struggle that is Man versus Jack Snipe, but was beaten hands down by the sneaky little sods.
I suspect they have dug Ho Chi Minh trail stylee tunnels under Taggs to hide from birders - either that or they'd flown inland into the slacks after being spooked by dogwalkers, joggers etc.
One Common Snipe was all I could muster, but there will be other days, and sweet snipey revenge will be mine.




Goldfinches feeding in the alders at the top end of Sands Lake, plus Goldcrest, Robins, Wrens etc and seven Shoveler on the water.
99 Tufted Ducks snoozing or bustling about there.
Jays back in the garden at Dempsey Towers, but otherwise pretty damn quiet.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies....


I know what you mean about the gale - we cancelled a sea fishing session at cleveleys only to wake to blue skies and a light breeze. I did manage a quick jaunt to marshside though where I saw 4 little egrets - a first for me so that was a result.

Sea Fishing and Walking in the UK

Glad you saw the egrets Stuart.
By the way, just how do you combine sea fishing and walking?

Ho, ho, ho.

It's just two of the things we like doing best, although some of the places we fish on Anglesey you have to be half mountain goat to get too..

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