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Back in the swing of things

Posted by on July 15, 2008 6:20 PM | 


You nip away for two weeks and what happens?
The whole coast turns into Evening Primrose parade and The Open schmoozefest rolls into Royal Birkdale.
I nipped down to Marshside before the Coast Road becomes impassable with spectator traffic this evening and things were fairly quiet.
Predictably the ducks are in a parlous state of eclipse now, and the massed ranks of feral geese are gathered on the Sandplant Pool.


Tufties preening on the lagoon, and plenty of Swifts overhead, but certainly fewer hirundines.
The odd Whitethroat was cackling occasionally from cover, and Skylark, Mipit and Reed Bunting were still in song.
Waders weren't too bad though - a fine Ruff out on Polly's Creek, still in chestnut, black and white breeding plumage and a Common Sandpiper along with the Blackwits.
A few young Avocets in front of Sandgrounders.
Another Common Sandpiper and a Little Ringed Plover - a bird of the year - were on the Junction Pool before being flushed by a passing gull.
Although there's water in front of Nels, the place was quieter than the hush of the 18th green anticipating that final putt...
Meanwhile, thanks to Graham Moreton, who sent me his shots of the Spoonbill he had at Marshside on Sunday - there's always something to surprise you.




Mmm, spoony...links to Graham's own website are on the right (when the bloody links set up is working with this new software that is).
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies.


16.7: Formby Point seawatch, 8.30am- 12.10pm.
A lively session!
Manx Shearwater 42
Storm Petrel 2
Gannet 280
Arctic Skua 3
Kittiwake 4
Sandwich Tern 38
Common Tern 217
Arctic Tern 93
Little Tern 1
Should be more petrels tomorrow...

A few autumnal signs now in addition to the poxy weather.
Two juv Wheatears at Banks, very pale birds which gave me a bit of a turn at first, presume Pennine breeders.
Green Sands, two plus Greenshank but marsh very dry this year so most of the good gear will be out by the river where 66 Avocets, 4500 Knots (all silver birds) and 2000 Dunlins (all black bellied) on this month's WeBS.
Gulls particularly Black Heads have had a poor year (how many juvs are out and about?) not sure about Common Terns, about 100 nests which seems par for the course nowadays.
A couple of Grey Partridge coveys by the sea wall which is cheering and a pair, well adult male and female together, Yellow Wags on the saltmarsh earlier in the month.
I dropped a bag of Grey Squirrels off at Seaforth last week for post mortem check for squirrel pox and stayed to see what was about, might as well use my permit.
A pair of broody Arctic Terns there with all the Commons.
Sandwich Tern, Med Gull adult, 3 Little Gulls , LR Plover.
I missed Black Tern and Black Necked Grebe seen recently.
Two juv Golden Plovers last evening from Nels, first of the many.
Wonder where they've come from,

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