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Windswept nightmare

Posted by on July 19, 2008 6:38 PM | 


Due to spectacular incompetence on my part I managed to miss the high tide seawatch today, so to pay penance I spent an hour or so on the mosses in the afternoon.
I figured the suffering would balance the karmic books in my seawatching account.
It was an overgrown and windblasted nightmare - pretty much everything was keeping down, although a few Grey Partridges were about on the Withins and Plex, and flocks of Woodpigeons are growing around Station Lane.
Red Legged Partridges sprinting down the tracks on the Withins.
One Whitethroat still singing, and a Skylark gamely attempting the same in the teeth of the westerly on Plex.
One Common Buzzard up over Carr Moss, but good numbers of hirundines hawking for insects in the lee of the woods along with Swifts.
Just one flock of Lapwings - keeping their heads down in crops on Plex.
Tide and wind still good for tomorrow so I'll try a seawatch.
Anyone seeing anything out there?????
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies....


19/7 Formby Point seawatch, 10.20am to 2.05pm:

Manx Shearwater 273
Fulmar 1
Gannet 248
Arctic Skua 7
Kittiwake 12
Sandwich tern 28
Common Tern 82
Arctic Tern 44.

26 Storm Petrels in the river mouth off Crosby today, 1 unidentified shearwater, possibly Med? Lots of terns, but no skuas.

The shearwater was frustrating, looked rather pale above, certainly not the usual black. Shape and flight recalled Manxie but it was too distant to ID.

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