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Geeses and Rooks

Posted by on October 11, 2008 6:28 PM | 


Haven't seen the Withins and Great Altcar mosses so busy since the ill-advised great naked ploughing competition of 1987 - loads of folk working out in the fields today, so it was pretty quiet, apart from the odd Buzzard and Pheasant.
Plex was a different kettle of fish however - starting with 18 Rooks, which I watched playing around in the tops of trees on Station Lane, cawing away, carrying sticks and generally having fun.
Always worth watching for a few minutes.


Helicopters aren't usually a problem on the mosses, but this guy below did a first rate job of spooking the geese (there are about 16,000 on the mosses at present according to one of the shooting parties out today) - he'd be laughing on the other side of his face if a big fat Pinkie clattered into his rotor blades.
In the unlikely event anyone knows him, please pass on my regards...


Skylarks in good numbers now, bubbling away in loose winter groups, a few Meadow Pipits, and two Stonechats, a male and female, out on Plex.
A few thousand Pinkies were feeding out between Plex and Carr Moss, but I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary amongst 'em.


Partridge shootin' saw them all take to the skies, wheeling about, so signalling the end of any chance of pinning down the Ross's Goose - a small white goose was in with them earlier in the afternoon apparently.
A few Grey Wagtails calling overhead today - and another two over Dempsey Towers this evening, seems to be good numbers of 'em going through at the moment.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


The Ross's Goose was over Simonswood Moss today 15.00

where is Plex and Carr Moss please?

Good to see you getting back to basics and doing some proper birding on the mosses, where you definitely belong.
Eric Hardy book has gone off to the printers by the way, will be on sale 3rd week November at £40 for 372 pages over 800 photos, line-drawings, maps and other stuff. Just some of the comments received so far "The best read I've 'ad since the Ten Commandments" - Moses.
"Far better than Harry Potter and the Quest for the Pickled Gherkin" - Malcolm Muggeridge.
"Love to buy, but can't afford it as I'm going to the Scillies for a Laughable Gull then driving to western Ireland for a Boat-billed Heron and back and then to John o' Groats and back for a reported Great Auklet' - Tommy Witcher.
Seriously if anyone would like to reserve a signed copy of this superb book, with all proceeds to David Bryant and the MNA then drop me an email on
I'm off to Joburg in four hours where it's warm and sunny and flocks of Amur falcons have just arrived from Amurland, beyond Lake Baikal.
Enjoy !

Hi Del - Plex and Carr Mosses are basically inland behind Ainsdale - Plex Moss and Carr Moss Lanes are the best places to watch from.
Take care on Plex - the tracks are among the roughest this side of the Hindu Kush, with few passing places and abyssal ditches on either side!

Hi John.
An Egyptian Nightjar just landed in a tree by the table where I was having coffee here in Muscat, and an Indian Roller was spooking the Bulbuls earlier.
Sadly my bins and field guide are in the case that's been detained by customs (as it didn't arrive on same flight as me, thanks BA), so it's all a bit frustrating, but nonetheless I'm clocking up lifers with the naked eye every time I look up.

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