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I know, sooo predictable...

Posted by on January 5, 2010 8:28 PM | 


I know, I know, what else was I going to do during my lunchbreak today, but take pictures of Snow Buntings in the white stuff, as a dusting of snow brought the north to shuddering halt.
Well I'm nothing if not predictable.
The snow this morning didn't stop the Coast and Countryside team doing the business as usual, altho' the beach at Ainsdale was certainly quieter than I've seen it for a while.


The Sands Lake was a bit bleak too, with 31 roosting Shovelers being slowly dusted with snow as they huddled on the ice. Tufties, Little Grebe etc all there too.


Light southerly movement of Redwings with a few Fieldfare and Redwing during the morning, and in the afternoon, one or two groups of Skylarks could be heard "chirrupping" high up in the flakes.
The Snow Bunts were in the usual place ("Mr Shorelark" aka Ralph Jones, picked 'em up), feeding along the high tideline south of the first metal barrier as you head south down Ainsdale beach from Shore Road.
The inch or so of snow meant they couldn't sprint quite as fast as they normally do, but the little sods showed no signs of slowing down too much, as they rummaged for seeds.



Small gull roost on the beach held nowt out of the ordinary, but Turnstones and Oycs were being forced to forage up on the tideline like the buntings, as the sands further out turned tundra.


Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Black Necked Grebe was showing well today on Crosby Marina just opposite the boating lake, feeding around some Mallards 12ft away from me. Great little bird

Nice to have an elegant Grey Wagtail skating around on my frozen garden pond today plus 2 fighting Robins and 2 Song Thrushes feeding on Snowberries and some hibernating Garden Snails.

Snow Buntings still on Ainsdale beach this morning.

Hello to all. All five owls on Sefton Meadows, two Woodcocks, Bullfinches, 4 Snipe, and 1 Jack +250 mix finches on setaside by Alt pumphouse.

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