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...and another thing

Posted by on July 7, 2010 10:18 PM | 


I know it's not the bird's fault, but if there's one thing that young BHGs signify is that we're in the depths of summer....and that ain't good.
No decent tides or prolonged winds coinciding to allow for seawatching (altho' next week might just come good), only a few waders trickling thro' and bugs and plants the main draw.
Ah well, the relative lack of bird news on the blog suggests I'm not the only one suffering.


Popped down to Marshside for an hour or so early evening to listen to the squawking BHGs around the Sandplant lagoon, where a smallish roost of Blackwits were at least mighty colourful.
Percy Sledge still gamely singing away on the marsh north of the Sandplant, but inland the place is truly parched.


Avocet, Oycs, Shelduck etc all with young, otherwise July quiet.
Not much elsewhere on the coast at present either - I've been working on the beach north of Cabin Hill for the last few days, and plenty of Dark Green Frits have been the only notables - best place to look for them is the big patch of flowering thistle just above the beach immediately north of the MoD boundary.
Them frits sure lurve thistles.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...

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Common Sandpiper at Sands Lake Friday morning.

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