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Really rather fine

Posted by on July 27, 2010 6:57 PM | 


Nothing wrong with the birding around Formby Point and south today, as I continued with the "Planet Paling" project off Albert Rd.
The morning rain and sea breeze helped to bring a fairly respectable roost together of approx 300 terns - mainly Sandwich and Commons, with a few Arctics thrown in, and with them at least 9 adult Little Gulls, moulting out of summer plumage.
A single Little Tern put in a fleeting appearance.
130+ Cormorants drying out here too, with about 100 of the commoner gull sp and good nos of Dunlin, Sanderling etc.



Two inexperienced juv Arctic Skuas came in out of the bay to attempt to harry the terns with no real success during the morning, and they soon drifted off to the north, while an adult Med Gull was in the surf off Formby Point as the tide rose.


Its black hood was getting decidedly patchy like the Little Gulls.
I crept closer to the roost over lunchtime to try and 'scope birds for rings etc, with no joy. After 20 minutes they all flew up - I was surprised as I didn't think I'd flushed 'em, and seconds later a female Peregrine came tazzing thro' revealing what the real problem was, scattering waders and terns in the process.



It caught nowt, although four days ago I'd watched it successfuly knock a Barwit out of the melee here, before scoffing it on the sand.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Rural businesses and the environment in Lancashire will suffer if the Government slashes funding for the countryside, the RSPB has warned.
The conservation organization is particularly concerned about the future of Higher Level Stewardship (HLS). This is a payment given to farmers and other landowners to deliver significant benefits for the environment.
Landowners who are signed up to HLS, play a vital role in supporting key species and habitats, as well as making the countryside attractive and accessible for the public.
The RSPB understands that there are no proposals to withdraw funding from existing agreement holders. However, the conservation organisation is concerned about the future accessibility of this funding so is advising interested farmers to sign up to the scheme while it is still available.
Many farming families are dependent on agri-environment payments for their economic survival and would risk financial hardship if HLS was not available.
Farmer Andrew Holland, of Ormskirk, Lancashire, has some of Britain's most threatened farmland birds including corn buntings and tree sparrows flourishing on his farm because of the management measures he has taken through HLS.
“If payments were scrapped, I would find it difficult to deliver these environmental benefits,” he says. “Moreover, since agri-environment funding is a cornerstone of my farm business I would lose a large part of my income.”
HLS also has economic benefits for the wider Lancashire economy. A recent Defra study showed that 80% of all Environmental Stewardship expenditure is spent locally. For every £1 invested in HLS, £1.43 is spent within a 40 minute drive of the agreement holder (1). This means if HLS was cut, contractors, suppliers and local shops would all feel the pinch.
HLS funding cuts would have an even worse effect on the local environment.
“In Lancashire, endangered species such as black grouse, curlews and tree sparrows would slip even further in to decline,” says David Morris, the RSPB’s farmland bird advisor for the North West. “Rare and important habitats such as blanket bog, coastal saltmarsh, reedbeds and wet meadows would be doomed without HLS funding to secure their management. These areas are some of our most important for wildlife, tourism, and water and carbon storage.

a hobby was at mere sands wood at 16;00 a common sand at the pool left from the flood at sefton also peregrine over lunt .

Churchtown moss has plenty of tree sparrow a few corn bunts and good numbers of starling flocking that attracted sparrowhawk lately

Hobby over Sands Lake, Ainsdale yesterday morning.

At least 185 Sandwich Terns on Ainsdale beach this afternoon.

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