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Bloody Twite

Posted by on January 27, 2011 9:02 PM | 


Fine flock of 78 Twite feeding amongst the tidal debris at the southern end of Ainsdale beach this morning (and they were still there at 4pm this afternoon).
Strange place to see 'em, presumably they were on a jaunt away from Weld Road, and found the seed stash to their liking, in an area usually monopolised by Snow Bunts, but there have been none along there for the last few weeks now.
In the morning gloom absolutely no chance of reading any Twite colour rings, indeed the flock was flightier than a Starling at Sprawk fancy dress party.
Extremely frustrating.
You can just make out the little black blobs of Twite on the "point and press image" above, if you really use your imagination...
Otherwise, pretty quiet along the coast, with the usual waders and smaller numbers of gulls than of late.
John G had an adult Yellow Legged Gull at the top end of Ainsdale beach yesterday, but there was no sign of it when I came off the shore this afternoon.
Nuthatch calling at Albert Road in Formby again this morning, and a Common Buzzard mewing away there too.
Before I forget, a belated welcome to Marshside and hellody to new warden Alex Pigott - there she is look, and here's some of the RSPB press release about her...


Unlike the birds who normally fly south in the winter, Alex has come north, all the way from Sussex where she was a warden with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) at Arundel. Coincidentally, her predecessor at Marshside, Graham Clarkson, moved on to work with the WWT.
Alex said: "Although it's been absolutely freezing outside, I've just got wrapped up and stuck in. The birds seem to have coped with these conditions, with a surprising number of them keeping to the shoreline where the tides kept the ice at bay and brought in a continuous supply of fresh food. Once the ice thawed, large numbers of the geese and ducks, which the reserve is famous for, reappeared as if by magic".
Alex added: "We're looking for more volunteers to spend time with our visitors, so if you have an interest in wildlife and like talking to people - do get in touch and I'll tell you more about it".

Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Just wondered if anyone knows of any recent local sightings of Waxwings as I still haven't managed to see any yet. I always seem to get there when they've gone.

At least 5 Blackcap (4f 1m) in the traditional wintering areas around Birkdale Common today and a good 75+ flock of Fieldfare around there/Royal Birkdale GC/Selworthy Rd wooded cuttings, along with lots of tits, Jay, finches etc.
The female Goldcrest was in the back garden again today, been around since Boxing Day at least and was feeding on the ground quite a bit of the time!

Hi John,
Some seen by the Netto on Wavertree rd today. Small covey of Grey Partridge still in the Speke commerce park behind the B&M distribution centre, also 2 Stonechat have survived the winter in the Speke Garston coastal park.

Hi Dave, there is a flock of around 30 Waxwings in Liverpool town centre at the moment. They are around the junction of Leeds Street and Scotland Road just before you reach the Wallasey tunnel entrance.
They have been there most of the week and were there when I passed this morning, so they look like they may stick around a while. Good luck.

Hi John, nice to have a male Blackcap in my garden again today, once again sitting around with the resident gang of 30+ House Sparrows. Meanwhile a couple walking their dog on Crosby beach at lunchtime were instructing their mutt to "chase the birdies!" which it duly did! I just about resisted shouting Chris F's poetic phrase...mainly coz the bloke had a shaved head and a tattoo on the back of his neck!

Thanks John I went yesterday and saw them there which was great, then on the way home saw some more on Westminster Road so I was well pleased. Thanks again if you were there I might have been talking to you.

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