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Once more across the river

Posted by on January 30, 2011 9:27 PM | 



Neill and Tropical picked me up at the crack of 10.30am today (we must be getting old), and we trundled north for another day on the Fylde - our second in as many weeks, so we better get inoculations checked asap.
Anyway, rather splendidly the young Iceland Gull was sitting in Preston Dock, not doing a great deal, apart from a bit of preening, but nice to see it all the same.
From there we headed up to Fairhaven Lake for another look at the Red Necked Grebe, which Ron Jackson was stoically trying to film before hypothermia set in.


Bird is as obliging as it was a fortnight ago, and the light was a bit better today, if only it'd stop all that diving mullarkey, I'd be able to get a decent digishot.
Grebe safely tucked away we headed into Blackpool to not see a party of Waxwings, but made up for it by detouring to Marton Mere to say "hello" to the winter roost of Long Eared Owls.



At least six birds there today, but all well-hidden in the branches apart from one squinty critter just off the path. Superb.
With the light starting to fade, we tazzed up to Pilling Lane Ends to have a gander (sorry) at the goose flock there.
Nice vantage point on the seawall to scope the flock (at least 7,000 birds) as they cropped the short grass.
The Red Breasted Goose was right at the front, looking mighty fine....a bird a fair few hope will finally shimmy onto the Lancs list thanks to this individual - we shall see.




Two Eurasian Whitefronts, and a pale bellied plus a dark bellied Brent amongst the Pinkie throng here too - mighty impressive when they all took off and headed out onto the estuary at about 4pm.
Honk honk and off to the pub.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Sunday: 27 Waxwing going to roost at Netherley sewage works.

Two Snow Buntings south over the dunes at Ainsdale this morning.

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