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One lazy Rough Leg.

Posted by on January 3, 2011 5:15 PM | 


It must be said I wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders myself when I ventured out on New Year's Day; but I moved more than this Rough Legged Buzzard, wintering just outside of South Ferriby on the Humber.
Perhaps it had been partying all night too, sending up fireworks and carousing to the wee small hours, but all it did as I 'scoped it from the roadside was sit.
And sit. And sit. And try to dry its wings. And sit.

ra111.jpg rb111.jpg

Apparently the bird perches very close to the road much of the time - but not on January 1st - it went for one wee fly, then landed on a distant fence and hung out its wings to get the early morning showers off.
Good scope views, but never close enough for a bit of proper digiscoping unfortunately.
I shouldn't have been surprised - apart from one very memorable movement of spring passage birds at Cape Kolka in Latvia, I've always found Rough Legs to be about as energetic as the average Spoonbill, and we all know how long those critters sleep.
Merlin, Peregrine, Marsh Harrier and Fallow Deer all west of South Ferriby while I waited fruitlessly for the Rough Leg to do something.
Staying with the outlaws north of Grimsby for the long weekend, it was a bit tricky to squeeze birding in amongst the drink, food and snoozing - it was ever thus, although this trip was complicated somewhat further by the refusal of any of the coastal pits to thaw Smew, Bittern etc were keeping a very low profile.
will111.jpgWillow Tit coming to feeders at Far Ings was nice, alongside Tree Sparrow and Sprawk etc, but the little weasel wouldn't let itself be photographed - you can just make it out in the middle of a hedgerow in the "magic-eye" pic on the left.
A few Waxwing flocks about, especially at Barton on Humber, but all very flighty and hard to pin down. Winter thrushes everywhere.
Killingholme Haven was still iced up, although it did provide Bullfinch, a further pair of Willow Tit calling harshly to each other as they foraged in the bleak hawthorns and an ice-skating fox, which negotiated a frozen lagoon with remarkable ease.


Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Happy New Year John. 5 Waxwings still visiting the berry tree outside the Barclays Bank on Allerton Road, Allerton. Woodcock flying around Kensington as well.
Keep up the good blogging and keep us birding. Chris

About 55 Twite on salt-marsh off Weld Road carpark, Wednesday afternoon.

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