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Mad as a Mistle Thrush

Posted by on December 6, 2012 10:51 PM | 


Rattlely (is that a word?) Mistle Thrushes are pretty regular around the garden at Dempsey Towers, but usually up in the high trees.
For the last few days one has decided to defend a winter feeding territory - nothing odd about that, except this one isn't protecting berries, it has decided the bird feeders are its sole property, and comes rattling in constantly to try to chase away the finch flocks, Greater Peckers and titmice.
It doesn't even eat the seeds.
This was particularly frustrating this morning as a new male Brambling was at the sunflower hearts, but everytime I tried to digiscope it, Mr Rattlely came tearing in to scatter everything.
Even the local Sprawk doesn't spook stuff this regularly.
Perhaps the thrush has a self confidence issues following the recent Waxwing influx.
Few Redwings in the morning today, and growing numbers of finches in the cold snap, all of which leads me to a press release from the BTO, which I should have put on a few days ago.
In my defence I've been busy trying to decipher the latest missive from Tropical Thomason, charting his recent adventures in West Africa.
This is not easy.
Still, you've gotta love anyone who books the wheels for our latest expedition to foreign fields through "Diamond Geezer Motors" (I kid you not).
What could possibly go wrong?
Here's the BTO press release...
"With winter closing in, gardens are becoming a vital refuge for birds. The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Garden BirdWatch survey needs householders from across Merseyside to chart their fortunes.
Gardens are hidden wildlife havens, encompassing a larger area than both National and RSPB Nature Reserves combined. Around half of householders are thought to feed birds in their gardens, together spending hundreds of millions of pounds each year in the process. We are a nation of armchair birdwatchers and the BTO wants those in Merseyside to get involved with the charity's year-round Garden BirdWatch survey.
Merseyside is a fantastic place to watch birds with scarce visitors, such as the glamorous Waxwing, spotted over recent weeks. However, the BTO wants to find out more about the common birds living in and visiting local gardens. Much-loved birds, such as House Sparrow, Starling and Song Thrush, are in decline, while others, including Goldfinch and Woodpigeon, are booming. In order to get a clearer picture of how garden bird communities are changing, the BTO needs more local people to tell them what they see.
BTO Garden BirdWatch is the world's largest year-round survey of garden birds, having run every week since 1995. Currently, 131 households take part in Merseyside and the BTO wants to reach a total closer to 250. Anyone who enjoys watching garden birds is welcome to get involved - the survey is simple and there's no better excuse for staring out of the window!
For a free Garden BirdWatch information pack, please send your name and address to, telephone 01842-750050, or write to Garden BirdWatch, BTO, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU."

Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Hi John, 15 Whoopers flew through Crossens Inner and Marshside Two this morning.

3 Waxwing, Loxley Rd, Southport today.

I couldn't find Mike's Waxwings this afternoon, but the Mandarin is still on the Hospital Lake.

Two Waxwing on Loxley Road at 11:30am

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