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Say cheese.

Posted by on December 13, 2012 7:09 PM | 


Busy chopping and a burnin' buckthorn in the LNR at Birkdale again this week, which when it's frosty and sunny is about as pleasant a place to work as you can get.
Plenty of Redwings and small numbers of Fieldfares over the site this morning as I coaxed the controlled burn of frost-encrusted branches into life, with the usual Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Mipits and squealing Water Rail.
One or two Snipe up, and the Pinkies' daily commute out to the estuary each evening is as stirring as ever.
John G was ringing nearby today and he dropped in to show Dave Pennington and I two of his haul - a cracking young female Blackcap, and a young Redwing.




What a thrush!
The Redwing was particularly pleasing, as seven are in the garden at Dempsey Towers trying to feed on cotoneaster berries at the moment.
Unfortunately most times they come sighing in, Mr Mardybum (see earlier entry) comes swooping in rattling like a loon to chase 'em off.
Leaving me with just the hulking great crazy one to digiscope through the window.


This Mistle Thrush even seems to take it as a personal affront when Goldfinches and all too briefly, one of two occasional Bramblings, attempt to visit the sunflower and nyger seeds.
Dave P probably had the best of the day today, when he flushed a Woodcock on his way to the site, and watched a Barn Owl hunting along the Coast Road at dusk as he left.
Finally, apologies to Tropical Thomason - Trops I promise I'll get your fevered account of scoring "kitchen plover" on the blog asap.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...



Hi, the 3 Waxwings still showing well in Crosby village today despite the grim weather. Commuting between the Rowan outside the Post Office and the Hawthorns outside the Crossroads centre.

Great White Egret on the outer marsh opposite Polly's Pool at Marshside today. Also Twite and Linnet feeding on the tideline at Ainsdale.

Had daily up to 9 Blackbirds and a Jay in my garden during the cold weather and about 20 Fieldfare followed by a Redwing stopped briefly in a crab apple tree next door until somebody flushed them.
Yesterday at dusk a Peregrine flew down Eastbank St at a height of about 40 ft while people went about their shopping unawares.

Particularly charming photos on today's blog, John.
Visited Martin Mere on 11th Dec. With thick ice on all open water there wasn't much going on.
However, a male Blackcap (a winter first for us) and great views of a feeding Woodcock were compensation enough.

Just before dark at Risley Moss today I had at least 3 Woodcock, 1 Short Eared Owl and 1 Sparrowhawk which caught a Blackbird that was perched in a bush.

I nipped to Lidl next to Seaforth and Litherland station this morning for my Xmas 'fix' of Continental food and drink specialities then came back out to my car and got my 'fix' of Waxwings!
A flock of up to 60, coming and going, as they do, and settling in the tops of various trees growing along the railway embankment.

80 Waxwing at 3pm in Seaforth at the railway station car park

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