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Posted by on December 7, 2012 11:31 PM | 


Wind really ripping across the stubble on Plex today and the place was correspondingly bleak.
Still two Merlins hunting Skylarks over the stubble, but failing spectacularly to catch, and several finch flocks, with a fairly large one at the Ainsdale end holding Reed Bunts, Chaffinches, Goldfinches etc.
Fieldfares cramming down hawthorn berries with good numbers of Blackbirds, but these big Scando-thrushes are as wary as ever, and I had to make do with poor long range digi-blurs of 'em.



Corn Bunts bravng the wind to "tik" loudly from the overhead wires and rather a pale ringtail Hen Harrier headed south above the Haskayne Cutting and out over the fields towards Downholland Moss.
Large numbers of Pinkies continue to feed behind Altcar, but you can't really get near 'em as they feed just feet from the busy road with several hundred Lapwing.
4 Common Buzzards drifting about there too.
Back at Dempsey Towers in the fading afternoon light the male Brambling reappeared at the feeders and I managed a dire "through the window" pic, which is probably best left unblogged, but what the hell.


Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Hi John,
Barn Owl flew over my car 07:40am today at the side of the Pheasant pub between Little Crosby and Hightown.

A couple of Redwing in a big flock of Fieldfare, Chaffinch and Greenfinch just behind Cabin Hill this morning. Usual waders on the beach. Last few weeks a pretty regular Peregrine hunting along the water's edge about mid morning, but no sign today.

Big wreck of adult Rayed Trough Shells (Mactra corralina) with large numbers of Sea Potatoes (Echinocardium cordatum)on the Ainsdale shore this afternoon. Several thousand gulls feeding on them; mostly Herrings with a few argentatus and one ad. Yellow-leg. Also lots of Blackheads and Common Gulls but hardly any Lesser Black-backs and only a handful of Greaters. Worth a look.

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