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Woodpigeon nation.

Posted by on December 2, 2012 4:08 PM | 


Bazillions of Woodpigeons on the mosses yesterday in huge mega-flocks, so big the trees were toppling over under the weight of them (maybe that didn't happen, but you get the idea).
With tens of thousands of 'em around the Withins, Plex etc, you can only wonder at the total number of birds in south west Lancs at the moment.
The shooters were doing their best to reduce the number on Plex, hence the place was pretty quiet, although one or two parties of Fieldfares were about, with Buzzard, Mipits etc.
More Fieldfares and Redwings on Engine Lane.
Nearby Phil Boardman was conducting his usual sub-zero harrier vigil, scoring the ringtail and the male Hen Harrier yesterday.
Closet thing I got to was a confused Pheasant - never the sharpest pencils in the box.


Female Brambling with the Goldfinches at Dempsey Towers today before I headed out to Marshside, which was still semi-frozen.
Despite this there were good numbers of the usual wildfowl sticking it out, with Lapwings, 500+ Golden Plover, Blackwits, Snipe and Pinkies.
Most of the geese were hanging out in the vegetation on the seaward side, and didn't really give themselves up, unlike the one I came across on the beach at Ainsdale on Friday.


At least that's Xmas dinner sorted.
The Great White Egret was at the usual eye-watering range on the outer marsh off Crossens today, with Buzzard, Peregrine, Sprawk, Merlin and Kestrel perched up or hunting.
One Rock Pipit calling over the Sandplant, and three Little Grebes directly under Sandgrounders hide in an unfrozen patch of water.
Drove up to Hesketh Out Marsh, where the nearby shoot sounded like they were re-enacting the Battle of Gettysburg.
Three Fieldfare, five Grey Partridge, Little Egrets, Redshank and the like in the toe-numbing November raw.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


John, we caught up with the Waxwings. 18 in trees above ambulances as you turn in to Southport hospital. A good end to Liverpool RSPB day out with Chris Tynan.

Martin Mere 02/12/12

2 Peregrine
1 Buzzard
1 Brambling
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
1000's Pink Footed Geese

Male and female Hen Harrier hunting by the iron bridge over the River Alt, two Buzzards and female Kestrel doing likewise in same area.

Two Waxwings south over Dempsey Towers in Ainsdale at 0815 today, calling away in the early morning gloom.

3 Bramblings feeding on the bird table at Mere Sands Wood this lunch time.

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