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Long 'n short haul

Posted by on September 30, 2013 8:05 PM | 


Quick look around the frontal dunes this morning saw frequent groups of Mipits heading south at Ainsdale, several Swallows heading bizarrely north, and Red Admirals on the wing in sheltered spots.
A few Skylarks around the Green Beach, which has received the unwelcome attention of idiots with major self-worth issues in 4x4s again - local constabulary please take note.
Wheatears dropping down for a rest on the cropped grass in front of Toad Hall as is usual on an autumn morning, and Grey Wag, Chaffinch and Siskin calling overhead.


Several Sprawks trying to ambush Mipits and Skylarks with little success, and Reed Buntings congregating north of Slack 50.


When the sun came out, large skeins of Pinkies began moving north (although I don't know where the plane was heading).


Later in the day about 1,500 Pinks were noodling around over Taylor's Bank at Formby, and Gtr Pecker and Buzzards were over Lifeboat Road, where Robins and Goldcrests were calling away.
If you're free tomorrow, why not join me on our Vis Mig Experience - we leave Ainsdale Discovery Centre at 10am - and it's free.
Just email to book.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Jack Snipe, Wheatear, Grey Plover, Mipits, Gtr 'Pecker, Chiffy and Migrant Hawker the highlights of our "Vis Mig Experience" event at Ainsdale this morning.
Although in the high winds "Mig" was largely "Invis".
Special mention must however go to the mega-flock of Common Scoters offshore that stretched up the coast...easily 800 birds, possibly many more.
Many thanks to all who came - hope you enjoyed it.

Despite the largely "invis mig" I enjoyed the outing today John.
Thanks, and good to meet you.
The Scoter were great, and that Grey Plover was worth seeing in his breeding plumage.
The Wheatear was much closer to the road as I left, and I got some good pics, but I'd cropped them before I remembered you only want uncropped contributions.

I popped down to Ainsdale at lunch time to see if there are were any terns left on the beach and I was going to post about the masses of Scoter.
Quite impressive albeit distant whilst I was there. I didn't see any terns at all today, I know Graham C had a decent count on the WeBS the weekend before last so I'd had thought a few straggler Sandwich may still be present.
Also, my first Redwing of the Autumn went over Birkdale about 10.20pm tonight, just about bang on time.

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