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A Pom with me pack-up

Posted by on October 9, 2013 7:35 PM | 


I am reliably informed by my learned windsurfing colleague that conditions were "Nukin" at Ainsdale today - it was certainly breezy enough to make a Mother Superior unstable, or more conventionally described, force 6/7 westerlies were pummelling the coastline and squalls battered the life out of the last few gasps of summer.
This hooley happily for me coincided with a day at my desk - so I set up the 'scope at lunchtime in the tower, once the rain and salt had cleared off the window to see what I could see over the rising tide.
As always Ainsdale is not ideal, and apart from numerous flotillas of Common Scoters that were bobbing about in the swell as if seasickness hadn't been invented, it was quiet and difficult.
Until a lovely juv Pomarine Skua drifted through my 'scope, headed down the coast and then turned into the wind to linger over the surf for a few minutes at 1315, before heading out into the boiling seas of the bay again.
Nice darkish bird, with a paler barred back end.
Reasonable 'scope views given the conditions - barrel-belly heavy, with a clear double wing-flash on the underwing, broad wing base and a squared off tail.
Bigger than nearby Common Gulls, it managed to head off into the westerly without too much effort.
No Leach's today though - but tomorrow, well who knows?
The beach has got to be worth a look early doors if this keeps up.

Ainsdale, 1245-1345:
Common Scoter 150+
Great Crested Grebe 1
Kittiwake 2
Guillemot 4
Razorbill 2
Pomarine Skua (juv) 1

Not bad as lunch-breaks go.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...



A flock of 36 Redwings over Dempsey Towers at lunchtime today, he said, blogging to himself...anyone else noticed any?

Little Stint mingling with Dunlin and Ringed Plover at the end of the causeway at Marshside. Peregrine headed past on walk down.

Yep, 20 Redwings over my garden in Walton, Liverpool at lunchtime, heading North!!

Single Fieldfare in the field behind our house in Ormskirk late this afternoon. Looked knackered and lonely, feeding voraciously.

Parties of Redwing all over the Falklands Way, Ainsdale, dunes this afternoon. 95 counted, probably lots more.

Four Glossy Ibis on Longton Marsh early morning Friday 11/10 on pools viewed from seawall near Dolphin PH.
Redwings passing through inner Ribble all day - 500+ in couple of hours over marshes and a few hundred over Longton village at lunchtime.
At least 3 Fieldfare too.
Whoopers (9) heading south over Longton Marshes plus single adult on marsh at dusk, 4 Blackwits, 44 Golden Plover, 5 Little Egrets, Peregrine, Raven, 5 Grey Partridge and 2 Siskins heading east made it a pretty eventful day.

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