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Grey beach

Posted by on December 20, 2013 8:50 PM | 


Not managed to get onto the shore at Ainsdale much over the last few months, so I headed out at lunchtime today towards the southern end of the Green Beach, through the deep fringe of tidal debris still left from the December 6th storm surge.
Nothing quite as wintry on a grey day as our grey wintering waders - Grey Plovers, Barwits, Sanderling and Dunlin huddled on the damp sand, trying to conserve energy squandered every time an uncontrolled dog ran through them.
All terribly melancholy.




Small, but tightly packed gull roost of the commoner species, with a flyby Black Headed Gull in almost full summer plumage ('bout the same time as previous years), while on the bottom of the Green Beach, 8-9 Common Snipe (no Jacks), Linnet, Reed Bunts, Mipits and Pied Wag.
Certainly plenty of seeds etc on the tideline to lure in an interesting passerine - here's hoping.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Altcar Moss Thursday afternoon ringtail Hen Harrier flew through followed by a Peregrine, there was also a large number of Pinkfeet fairly close in the field next to the road also a couple of Buzzards and a couple of Kestrels.

Found an exhausted Guillemot on the beach at Formby yesterday. Handed it into Kate at the National Trust who contacted RSPCA who were going to pick it up.

Hi John, regarding dogs on the beach couldn't Sefton Council put information boards up explaining all about migration and the perils birds face as I'm sure non-birding people have no idea what goes on then they might be more considerate towards flocks of birds that are tired?
JD: Fair point Paul, although the noticeboards that are already up (those that survived the storm anyway), do explain people need to abide by byelaws etc.
Voluntary rangers on Wirral put up temporary signs on the Dee asking people not to disturb the high tide roosts.
That said, just about every temporary sign I've ever put up asking people to keep dogs out of Natterjack slacks in summer has been torn down in a depressingly short amount of time...

A nice adult male Stonechat around the north green beach near the remains of the boardwalk yesterday lunch time.

On the pontoon of the marine lake at New Brighton there was about 100 Redshank, around 30 Turnstone and Dunlin, and about 20 Purple Sandpipers

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