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Hardly the smartest move...

Posted by on December 23, 2013 3:12 PM | 


The problem was the torrential rain and driving wind - by the time I'd parked up by Sandgrounders and crossed the road, the very important last minute shopping list in my pocket was reduced to illegible mush....
I could still make out a few of the characters carefully written by Mrs D, and it appeared that rather than having a sneaky look at Marshside, I should have been sorting out the following:
Hire Cheesewire
Small Moose (I think)

A list like that was clearly way beyond my abilities, so I scurried over the road to have a look at the Junction Pool, where the Long Tailed Duck was still diving away, and looking quite contrasty dapper, even in the lousy light.
Hard enough to follow it in good weather, but near impossible with a face full of wind and rain.
The "little white goose" was in the drain on the south side of Marshside Road with a Mallard.


The view from Sandgrounders Hide wasn't particularly inviting, although the flock of 20-30 Barnacle Geese were in the distance up on Crossens Inner - feral/wild, who knows?
Having given up on hiring cheesewire or buying earwigs, I headed onto Plex, where the Kestrels were having a hard time of it.
Yesterday the wind made it barely possible for them to hover (see pants pic at top of entry), but today they just huddled on the soggy hay bales.
Sprawk and Buzzard made a few half-hearted attempts at flight, but it was all very dark and damp....just a few Mistle Thrushes and Blackbirds about and Pinkie flocks on the black soil.
Best get on with that shopping.....
Anyway, thanks to everyone who has read and commented on the Birdblog again this year, I hope you enjoyed it.
A Merry Cornfish and a Happy Small Moose to you all - see you on the other side.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


John - it was nice finally to meet you today (in Sandgrounders) after following your excellent blog for many years and your informative and much appreciated (by readers at least!) column in the Post for many years. Thanks for keeping the blog going, it's great. All the best for 2014 - Matt Evans

Illness has meant very little birdwatching this past few months so thank you John for keeping up my interest.
Merry Christmas to you and Mrs D and a very happy, bird-filled New Year.

Thanks John for your fantastic blog. There are many days while stuck in the work office, that your blog brightens the day and makes me yearn for the binoculars!

Kingfisher on the Leeds /Liverpool canal at Aintree at the back of B&Q same as last year. Best wishes to you and everyone for 2014 and thanks for the blog.

Many thanks for the blog, John. It's always a pleasure to read. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and Mrs D.

The two male Blackcaps that visit our garden each winter returned today (much to the consternation of the local Robin) so the single female should join them shortly .

Nice wild swan herd on the inner Ribble just west of Hundred End John. Six Bewick's there this afternoon with 300 Whoopers between there and nearby Hesketh Out Marsh.

Peregrine perched on pylon adjacent to Haskayne Cutting.

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