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It just keeps getting weirder and weirder...

Posted by on December 6, 2013 3:37 PM | 


P1020608.JPG P1020620.JPG

Coast had a real feel of the "morning after the hooley before" today as tons of debris were being cleared off the seawall after the massive storm surge yesterday (my pix from it are here), and flocks of Pinkies were standing around looking confused in the aftermath.
I headed up to Marshside, where winning my "least expected" award today was a winter plumage Black Guillemot distant on Polly's Pool and sailing far too close to a GBB for safety.

P1020609.JPG P1020615.JPG

Apparently it was found exhausted in a Formby garden yesterday after the storm and released today.
The bird was busy preening and trying a few short flights, hope it fares better than the Little Auk at the Sands Lake all that time ago...still a Tystie is not what you'd be forecasting for the marsh in December, so all was well.
Closer would have been better mind.
No such problems with "the little white goose", which was busy playing with Mallards on the Sandplant lagoon (oh, do behave).


A quick stop at the Crossens pull-in gave me the Baikal Teal for the day - albeit it very distant out on Crossens Outer, but it was good to see it was still drawing a crowd.
After a peeky peek through Clarko's scope and a speedy debate on which was the best end of the bird, it was time to head off and get on with the things I was supposed to be doing.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...



The first Blackcap of the season (a male) arrived in my Liverpool garden this morning.

Had occasion to visit Southport Hospital the last few days. A superb, pristine Mandarin drake is consorting with the horde of Mallards.

It is a corker isn't it Tony? Been appearing on the pool (and unfortunately grazing in the car park) for a few years now.

Hi John, a calling Goldcrest in my garden today and, for what its worth, the drake Red Crested Pochard is still on Walton Hall Park lake

Yellow Legged Gull on my garage roof yesterday

Hi John
Saw what I am sure was an adult Common Gull on the beach at Weld Road yesterday.
However, it had a most unusual bill for a Common Gull, the like of which I haven't seen before. Also its jizz didn't seem quite right but that may have as a result of the bill which really was obviously different.
The bill appeared all black, was shorter and stubbier than normal and was quite curved, particularly at the tip.
I have got some images of it. If you let me have your e-mail address I will send them to you.
I would be interested in your opinion.
JD: Look forward to seeing them Mark, email address on the way!

Kind Regards

Mark Saunders


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