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BHG selfie and a whole lotta wet.

Posted by on January 5, 2014 3:19 PM | 


I had hoped for a bit of time with the Twite at the end of Fairways today, especially after a successful "Birdin' Bonanza" walk for work yesterday (damp gallery on the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership Scheme facebook page), but the dismal rain over the high tide kinda put an end to that plan, so I headed up to Marshside.
Black Headed Gull drifted through my rain-spattered digiscoping attempts up at Crossens Outer for a fine selfie.
Once it had gone through, I managed some blurry shots of the Golden Plover, Lapwings and nice single Grey Plover with them (just visible in the bottom right).


Plenty of Dunlin out on the floods with the Wigeon and Teal horde, Curlew, a few Blackwits etc, but conditions were pretty grim.
It could have been worse though, I could have been as wet as a drenched Bazzo, who I bumped into and dropped off at the Bazzo Bunker to dry off.


Headed for home and "day ticked" the Great Northern Diver from the car as I drove past the top end of the Marine Lake at about 1.20pm, when it was still fishing away despite a flotilla/regatta (?) of yachts out on the water.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


With reference to discussion about the uncharacteristic behaviour being shown by the "little white goose" recently, does the equanimity displayed by the GND when faced with loads of boats constitute similarly uncharacteristic behaviour, and if so does this cast doubt on the legitimacy of ticking the GND?????
More seriously John, how do I get to find out in advance of events like the "birding bonanza" mentioned in another thread?
Incidentally, my first day of ticking (Saturday) at Burton produced 60 species including Spotted Redshank and GW Egret, but I left it too late in the day for the Chiffy/Stonechat bonanza on the marsh.

Hi Tony,
Events Guide for January to June currently at the printers, and will hopefully be available soon, otherwise, try the page or twitter @theseftoncoast for upcoming events.
Details of events can also be found on the Whats On page of

Thanks John.

Here's some of my footage from Friday's high tide. These waders wouldn't land on the fresh marsh and couldn't land on the salt marsh. But a fraction of the Ribble wader population.
You can view it at You Tube here:

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From amazing activities to informative talks, visitors of all ages will be able to discover the history of the Silverdale reserve, alongside uncovering the very special wildlife which makes its home there.
As the largest reedbed in north west England, Leighton Moss provides a home for a fantastic array of wildlife – from shy Bitterns and magnificent Marsh Harriers, to regal Red Deer and amazing Otters.
Since becoming an RSPB nature reserve in 1964, hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed Leighton Moss.
For details on all of the exciting events planned for 2014, and more about the reserve, visit

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