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Dune foraging

Posted by on January 10, 2014 8:36 PM | 


Great to see a Stonechat flitting about by the office when I came in to work this morning - all the hooleys and heavy rain have put a real downer on passers in the frontal dunes for the last few weeks, so I was pleased to see one back.


The Stonechat spent most of the day zipping about behind Ainsdale Discovery Centre, occasionally bounding about on the deck and squabbling with Robins as it chased tiny insects out in the weak sun.
Reed Bunts back too this morning, although just a handful, not like the large flock in late autumn and Wrens in the buckthorn stems.
Five Chaffinches dropped in briefly too - nothing unusual about finch passage over the coast, but I don't often see them on the sand in the frontal dunes.


Although visibility wasn't too bad before the rain slid back in this afternoon, the tide was pants - a quick look from the tower revealed nowt offshore apart from Cormorants and gulls, but you never know what's out there after all those storms.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Hi John, on a walk through Ainsdale dunes and then pines this afternoon we came across a flock of about 12 Crossbills.
They were feeding on pine cones and then flying down to drink from pools surrounding a mound of grit on the Sefton Coastal Path.
This was by an obvious break in the trees about half a mile past the Northern end of Formby? golf course.
Most seemed to be females but there was at least one cracking red male. Disturbed after a few minutes by passing walkers/cyclists but we wondered if this was a regular feeding/drinking site.
Allan and Jean Rimmer

Any chance of a grid ref thanks

Marshside inner marshes were covered in birds this afternoon. I estimated 12,000 Wigeon on M2 and Crossens Reclaimed Marsh - an impressive sight.
The Long-tailed Duck was still performing on Junction Pool but there was no sign of the Great Northern Diver on Southport Marine Lake.
It was still present last Thursday when 45-50 Twite were bombing about on the beach opposite the northern end of the lake.

Hi Karen, sorry I'm so late replying. Using the 1:50,000 Liverpool map I make the grid reference 294099. Hope you get lucky.


1 Great White Egret in the Marine Lake roost at 4.10 today, when I left at 4.25 there were 30 Littles and still arriving.

Hi Chris,
I was there just before 4pm, when the "big boy" was already in and 23 Littles were getting tucked in for the night.
Earlier a Little was feeding in one of the deeper dykes out on Plex Moss.

Had a quick look at Marshside from the Hesketh Rd viewing platform yesterday fantastic numbers of birds and Water Rail heard from the reed bed

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