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Feeding time disturbed

Posted by on January 14, 2014 5:52 PM | 


Very frustrating - I was made up to see a Blackcap back feeding in the garden at Dempsey Towers this afternoon, but vexed by having to digiscope it through the window in fading light.
The male Blackcap seemed quite happy at first on a feeder full of fat balls or hoovering up on the deck, but things are never that simple are they?



Whenever I got the 'scope on it through a reasonably clean bit of double glazing, in swept one of the local Jackdaws or Greater 'Peckers - each equally boorish and capable of clearing the feeders with their "big-winged" arrival alone.



They sent the male Blackcap off to scowl from the branches of a magnolia until the bigger birds had had their fill.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to spend more time with it in better light soon.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Nothing nearly so exciting as Blackcap, GSW or even Jackdaws in our garden, though we do regularly have a mob of Starlings raiding the fatballs. The compensation is that over the hedge at the end of the garden is arable farm land, so Partridges (both kinds) are regular; large flocks of Pinkfeet come to within forty feet or so of the hedge at times; and the other day there were at least 200 Fieldfare spread across the field.

Up to 6 Blackbirds feeding on the Lighthouse roundabout at 2.30am on Saturday!

Had my biggest ever flock of Starlings at my feeders on Tuesday morning close to 100, no doubt tempted by mealworms, fat, and pastry scraps and a Peregrine flying in off the beach and over the Marine Lake on Wednesday, never a tiresome sight.

I went out to Devil's Hole yesterday afternoon - it's almost completely dry which is disappointing. Two Ravens flew over while I was there and there were two Buzzards and a Little Egret on the fields behind Cabin Hill. I also found a large Fox Moth caterpillar out on the dunes.

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