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I'm not goin' out in that.

Posted by on January 25, 2014 11:31 PM | 


Shocking weather today, but once I'd watched the Blackcap, finches, Jackdaws etc round the feeders at the towers, I nipped over the mosses for an hour or two, with no great hopes in the pummelling rain and strong wind.
No surprise to find the place quiet, although two Ravens on the Withins were good - always nice to see one, and they flapped past exuding "slo-mo" cool has they headed off in the direction of Ince Blundell.


Managed a wobbly shot of one as it sailed off, before I drove on. 700+ Pinks on the Withins grazing away and occasionally rising into the air.


And a similar number across the road on Altcar Moss, with more on Plex, where most things were keeping a low profile, including the Kestrels, in the strong winds.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


2 male Blackcaps feeding on Buckthorn in the usual areas around Birkdale Common on Thursday.

Stonechats daily at the moment between Lifeboat Road car park and the broken boardwalk.

Enjoy a date with nature at Parkgate this weekend and join the RSPB to experience one of the best wildlife spectacles in the region.
Many people are familiar with the phenomenon of the high “spring” tides flooding the vast saltmarsh of the estuary, but few have been there to witness it and the activity that follows.
In a bid to encourage people to experience the wildlife spectacle for themselves, free events will be held by the team from RSPB Dee Estuary nature reserves from Friday 31 January to Monday 3 February – with telescopes and binoculars available for public use.
The RSPB will be hosting the free events at Parkgate’s Old Baths car park and at the Donkey Stand on the four days of upcoming high tides; Friday 31 January, Saturday 1, Sunday 2 and Monday 3 February.
Car parking is limited on Parkgate promenade and at the Old Baths car park, but the RSPB has arranged for extra free parking to be available for visitors at Marsh Nurseries on Boathouse Lane (CH64 6RD) and the Wirral Country Park car park on Station Road (CH64 6QJ).
Full details and dates of further events can be found on the RSPB website, here:
For more information on the RSPB Dee Estuary reserves and activities, please call the reserve on 0151 353 8478, or check out the website

Two large (several hundred birds) flocks of Whoopers feeding separately today, on the moss between Halsall and Birkdale. I was kept guessing for a while in Birkdale dunes, by a call I just didn't recognise. It comprised of two mechanical-sounding low pitched "churrs" followed immediately by four very rapid high-pitched "wheets", the whole thing being repeated frequently. It took me a good ten minutes to trace the origins, and it turned out to be a Great Tit.

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