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The horde

Posted by on February 4, 2014 8:51 PM | 


I wasn't gonna bother posting this long range blow-up of a small section of the Common Scoter horde as they passed slowly by on the horizon offshore at Ainsdale yesterday, but it seemed to cause a bit of a stir with non-birders in the office and on our fb page.
I reckon it took a good five minutes for them to pass the tower at work, although I wasn't really timing it properly.
So there you are - I wonder what else lurks in these mega winter flocks that are tantalisingly too far out to do anything with other than admire?
Always incredible to watch the scoters rising like this off the swell - imagine being close enough to work through 'em!
While I'm online, thanks to all for sticking with the blog while the "comments software" seems to yo-yo on and off, it'll be sorted out soon I hope.
Please keep trying to post what you're seeing if/when you can.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Caught sight of three Yellowhammers battling the winds near Halsall at the weekend. Other than that and a huge cloud of (presumably) Pink Feet drifting towards Hesketh Out Marsh, most things seem to be keeping their heads down - wisely.

I've been trying to imagine being "close enough to the Scoter "horde" to work through them". No chance of a field trip out to the gas platform during the next high tide then?
JD: Dream on.

Once again Valentine’s Day will see the start of National Nest Box Week, now in its 17th year, the time of year when birds traditionally begin to pair up for the forthcoming breeding season.
Since 1997 the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has been encouraging people to put up nest boxes and help provide nesting opportunities for a variety of garden birds, including, Starlings, House Sparrows and Blue Tits.
For more information on the different type of nest boxes, visit

I trundled around the Halsall Moss area at lunchtime today.
14 Corn Buntings alongside 20 or so Linnets down Carr Moss Lane near the crossroads, with 10 Reed Buntings further along towards Ainsdale and a flock of around 100 Lapwing high in the sky. Around 140 Whoopers around Renacres and Gregory Lane and plenty of Pinkfeet around, mainly over towards Plex and a bit out of range. Buzzard the only raptor seen out there and 30+ Fieldfare over Boundary Book on Birkdale Cop Road.
The Kew Little Owl is still around Wight Moss Way Business Park.

65 Twite north of Weld Road this morning and 3 Jack Snipe.

Hi John,
I have noticed that the "Nocturnal Bird Club" has been a bit quiet, so I thought I would let you know of my nocturnal birds over the weekend: On Friday night on the road to the Liverpool Airport, Speke Hall Ave there were 10 Redshanks feeding on the grass of the central reservation near the hotel and 4 birds were feeding on the roundabout with the propeller.
The birds were very flighty. On Saturday evening a Barn Owl was flying around the East Lancs Rd by the M57 flyover at 1.40am with 3 Grey Herons feeding on the central reservation.

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