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The magnificence of it

Posted by on February 23, 2014 11:22 PM | 


Nothing like a mud-stained Coot chomping on God knows what in the gloop on a grey afternoon at Marshside to raise the spirits - but enigmatic is as enigmatic does after all...if ever there was a bird that only a mother could love.


The strongish wind had fairly cleared Marshside 2, bar reduced numbers of Wigeon, Teal and Shoveler, but it was mild, and small groups of Golden Plover whizzing about hinted at spring - in fact I was surprised not to see an Avocet or two, they must be due any day now.
What wildfowl, Blackwits and Lapwings that were about were frequently spooked by GBBs floating about on the look out for an easy meal.



When the GBBs eased off it was the turn off a Peregrine to put the wind up everything as it circled high above Sandgrounders Hide.

P1030645.JPG P1030647.JPG

Just a quick visit, so I didn't get round to Nels or the Sandplant, but there'll be other days, and other Cooty action
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


2 male Stonechats in dunes at end of Lifeboat Road early afternoon, and a Raven quartering the area at low level, to within 25m of the observer

Female Stonechat (possibly a second bird too) in roadside scrub just north of Polly's Pool. Mid pm 26th.

Great White Egret was on the small pool just north of the Marshside sandplant 07:50 this morning, 27/02. Cracking views from the road.

Marshside/Crossens 1250-1610
Fem. Stonechat in Compound, 4 Avocets on Lagoon, Little Stint with some 200 Golden Plovers feeding on the short grass by Polly's Pool. Fine show of up to 6000 Pinkfeet on Crossens Outer, but despite excellent light conditions 45 minutes' grilling could find no white foreheads or orange bills/legs amongst them.

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