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Why didn't the ringtail do that?

Posted by on February 16, 2014 6:26 PM | 


Lots of Buzzard activity out on Plex in the (almost) warm February sun; birds getting chased by Carrion Crows and Jackdaws whenever the opportunity arose for the corvids.
Sadly a fine ringtail Hen Harrier that cut through low over the stubble north of Plex Moss Farm was less obliging, hunting low and fast, just a foot or so off the ground before I lost it behind some vegetation.
Great to see one of these cool raptors out here again though.
Kestrel and Sprawk hunting too, with Corn Bunting, Mistle Thrush and Linnet singing, and a few hundred Pinkies still distant between Plex and Carr Moss.

P1030619.JPG P1030620.JPG

Back at Dempsey Towers a nice male Siskin was a pleasing arrival at the feeders - first one I've seen here this winter, perhaps they are starting to move (they usually do round about now)?
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Mere Sands Wood

10 Reed Bunting in front of Lancaster Hide
6 Goosander
2 Nuthatch
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
5 Tree Sparrow

Also 6 Red Legged Partridge on Curlew Lane

Popped down to the Marine Lake this afternoon, about 4-ish. No sign of the Great Northern Diver (or Goldeneye) from yesterday, but much to my surprise there was a Guillemot happily feeding at the northern end.
It appeared to be in nearly-complete breeding plumage, travelled long distances whilst submerged, and when last seen was swimming strongly towards the bridge. The egrets came in to roost on schedule, both Great Egrets amongst them, giving good views as they flew in.
A nice little interlude, and the first time I've seen the two together.

Down at the Marine Lake Sunday afternoon, a Kittiwake was showing well by the jetty at about 3.30.

Hi John I mentioned a Blue Tit was checking out the nest box the other week which was rung, today there was two in and out of the box and they were both rung, could they be from the same clutch and if so wouldn't that be inbreeding?
JD: It could mean that Paul - or it could be that they were both rung in the same winter flock, or it could be a coincidence...only way to know would be having the BTO ring sequences from both birds I'm afraid, which would prove a bit tricky!

I had the 2 Great Whites in the Marine Lake roost also late Sunday afternoon with 37 Littles. Also drake Goldeneye at the north end, unfortunately I didn't see the Guillemot.
Monday early afternoon the (seemingly winter resident) male Stonechat was still in scrub just south of Weld Road.

A flock of up to 70 Pied Wagtails, almost all males, streaming north on Crossens grazed saltmarsh at c. 1500 my first passerine movement of the spring. Less than 3 weeks to the first Wheatears!

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