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Lane surfing the Cow Parsley breakers

Posted by on May 15, 2014 6:59 PM | 

Orange Tip female Haskayne 23 4 14.jpg

Couldn't resist a quick look at the mosses early evening today, despite the soaring temperatures and hot blue skies...butterflies galore, but predictably quiet birdwise.
Most interesting perhaps was a flock of 11 Rooks feeding in a crop field behind Great Altcar, viewable from Engine Lane - don't see them very often on the Withins.
Blackcap singing on Engine Lane too, and small pullus Lapwings on the newly tilled soil of Plex was's harder for them out there than folk think.
Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and Blackcap singing in Haskayne Cutting, but no sign of the Golden Plover today, or any Whimbrel as I trundled along through the foam of Cow Parsley on either side of the shattered track.
Just four Wheatears on Plex that I could see.
Thanks then to Phil Smith for these lovely pics of Orange Tip butterflies he took recently on a trip out to Haskayne Cutting with Trevor Davenport (female at the top of the entry, males below).


Phil explains: "John, following up on the recent report on your blog, Trevor and I went to Haskayne and found 5 male and 2 female Orange Tips. As it was mainly cloudy they were perched most of the time".

otm2 .jpg

Only three Corn Bunts singing on Plex this evening, which was frankly a poor show, and obviously no sign of any "you-know-whats"...never come across any this late in May on Plex, so it looks like I'll have to salt the earth of that godforsaken hill beginning with "P" if the moss is to become more attractive to Dotterels next year.
Not quite given up hope for this year yet though, after all if Phil Boardman can have a Bonxie powering through a few days ago at Altcar, who knows what may try to sneak through...


Thanks for the pic Phil - with a bit of luck we may get enough westerlies coinciding with a tide to make it worth starting to seawatch again soon.
Eyes to the skies everyone, eyes to the skies...


Raven pronking away over Lifeboat Road, Formby, this afternoon.

Female Redstart along railway by Southport Tip, 8pm today.
Phil Johnson

2 Dotterel in fields between KBO (Town Lane) and the road towards Turfland now.

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