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Another round of "thank yous"


coverwm2.jpgYet again, I must thank all the lurvely folk out there who have taken the trouble to buy "Wild Merseyside" over the last month or two, as another royalty cheque has wafted its way through the letterbox at Dempsey Towers today.
Admittedly I won't be splashing out on a bath of Peroni as a consequence, but it's great that people are still buying the wee book - so a big "muchas gracias" to you all.
I may even write another tome one of these days - then I'd have enough royalties to buy TWO bottles of beer.
While I think about it, there is a certain Italian brewery who should be supplying me with freebies, given the number of plugs I give their product...just a thought.

coverwm.jpgQuite splendidly an (admittedly modest) royalty cheque for "Wild Merseyside" sales dropped on the mat at Dempsey Towers this afternoon (will our Postie ever deliver in the morning again?)
While the cheque was not sufficiently gross for me to embark on a nihilistic spree of 1970s Led Zep orgy proportions, it did serve as a reminder to thank all you folk out there who have bought a copy in recent months (and rethank those who bought the thing last year of course) for going to the trouble.
Just think, if as many people go out and buy it over the next year, by this time in 2011, I should have enough dosh to splurge on ANOTHER three bottles of Peroni.

Only 86 shopping days to Christmas...


coverwm.jpgI hate that bloody Yuletide countdown stuff, almost as much as the first job vacancies for Santas in July, but mercenary is as mercenary does, and I still have copies of "Wild Merseyside" to sell.
Thanks then to Andy Bunting at the In Focus store at Martin Mere, who took another 20 copies off my hands this week (there's not many left now)...and as ever, thanks to everyone who has got a copy already.
If you've still to score my magnum opus, may I respectfully suggest you do so asap - if you get a few copies (a steal at £4.99 each) and stockpile 'em, it'll save you that horrendous trip to the petrol station at 11.45pm on Christmas Eve in a rabid dash to get prezzies for all.

More "Wild Merseyside"...


coverwm.jpg As usual, many thanks to all you splendid people out there who are buying my book, "Wild Merseyside".
I've spent the last few days dropping off copies at various places where you all go birding - so if you don't have a copy yet, at a paltry £4.99 you too could enjoy my ramblings and dicey photography (thank God for Steve Young, Rich Steel and Andy Bate).
Fresh batch of copies now at Marshside RSPB and the In Focus store at Martin Mere, so there's no excuse not to get a copy....
Just think of the fun you can have boring people with "Wild Merseyside" facts at your summer barbecues, or you could use the book to start seawatching - once we're past June, the birds are back in the bay again big time.

Latest book delivery


coverwm.jpgDropped off another 20 copies of "Wild Merseyside" at Sandgrounders Hide this afternoon, on the off-chance there are still folk out there who haven't bought it.
Many thanks if you've got the book already, hope you like it - it's the most fun you can have for £4.99 with your clothes on or off, if you ask me (with one or two notable exceptions).
Anyway, usual drill if you want a copy - ask a volunteer in the hide and they'll dig one out for you. Not much time for a good look round today - last night's downpour saw Dempsey Towers springing a leak, and I'm pretty sure water and electricity don't mix...

coverwm.jpgThanks to Andy Bunting at In Focus for taking copies of "Wild Merseyside" today, which means copies can now be bought at the In Focus store at Martin Mere, for the paltry sum of £4.99.
If you haven't got a copy, why not call in - I'm sure Andy has lots of optical goodies to tempt you with over the Easter Weekend. Check out the second hand Leica scope - oooooh!
And if that doesn't float your boat, ask Andy to show you his pictures from his recent trip to the bird-rich African state of Macaroon - stunning wildlife and great biscuits to boot.

coverwm.jpgRight, just a quick heads up to anyone who hasn't got "Wild Merseyside" yet (and why the hell not??) that I'm doing some more book signings tomorrow (Sat) at Pritchards in Formby and Crosby.
I'm at Pritchards on Brows Lane, Formby, from 10.30-11.30am; then at Pritchards on Moor Lane in Crosby from noon to 1pm.
The book is also now on sale at the Sandgrounders Hide at Marshside RSPB - just ask whoever is the volunteer on duty, and they'll get a copy for you, at the downright giveaway price of £4.99.

Wild Merseyside: Out now


coverwm.jpgNow this is a strange feeling: Promoting my first book, "Wild Merseyside" on the Birdblog....packed full of stuff - birds, insects, plants, mammals - from around Merseyside and out to Martin Mere, and aimed at everyone from beginners to grown-up birders, the pocket-sized paperback is DUE OUT TODAY!!!
Seems like years ago that I wrote the thing and pulled all the pictures together, but since last December the good folk at Sport Media have been tenderly nurturing and designing the book, and now it's finally here!
Thanks to them all for all their dedication and hard work.

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